Everyday Dreams

The Norwegian Girl
September 12, 2005, 11:00 pm
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I’ve had an ethiopic dinner today.

I’ve had an ethiopic dinner

I’ve had an

I’ve had a norwegian girl

I’ve had a norwegian girl and

I’ve had a zighinì


I’ve seen

I’ve seen her.

I’ve seen her smiling and

I’ve seen her smiling and holding

and holding the rose.

I’ve seen her smiling and holding the rose I bought her

I’ve seen her

For the last time.


Good Morning
September 11, 2005, 5:59 pm
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You were dreaming” – said my mother, waking me up.

In facts, I was dreaming.

I was a man – well, still not a man, but not a child as well. I was using a strange, misterious machine that made it possible for me to talk with people from all over the world. I was tickling a keyboard, and the letters i typed appeared on a big, shiny, incredible screen. I had a chinese friend, Yu Han was her name. It means “she that’s like the rain”.

As her image appeared on the screen, I tried to caress her. She was so beautiful.

But the colored, glass barrier stopped my hand, and I could just look at her like a picture.

I see” – said my mother, with a big smile. “Milk and cookies are waiting for you in the kitchen“.

I watched the other way and looked at my books. The Jungle Book, Donald Duck, and all the sweeties that use to fill a childish room. One book, anyway, always caught my attention: “Un Mondo Di Vetro”, meaning “A World of Glass”, by Morris West. I liked the tag on the book, it looked like this:

un mondo morris
di vetro west

but I always felt like I was too young to read it. I closed my eyes, still thinking to that glass world.

Than I woke up again, this morning. I found my very-personal wordpress invitation. To dream about dreaming reality is quite uncommon; enough to make of it my first article.